Maria Deane
Maria is an Irish born artist who came to Bristol in 1997 and completed a degree in fine art. At the completion of her studies she became pregnant and gave birth to a son with autism. She found having to care for her son’s special needs left her reeling for a while, despite him being a bundle of joy. This profound experience has been a huge influence in Maria's art and that her son's individual needs, taught her never to take anything for granted. Together they enjoy many hours of painting and he is frequently involved in Maria's work.

Maria later developed an interest in fashion design and went onto study the subject at diploma level. Combining some of these new skills with fine art painting Maria began to grow a small business. Maria explains "I never know what I am going to paint it is usually subconscious. I start the work and it takes on a life of its own. It is always done instinctively. I always have a struggle half way through the work and the challenge is to get to the other side of it. A painting isn’t finished till I love it. I am constantly surprised when it’s done; to me it’s a bit like giving birth". Maria loves working in oils and acrylics, and feels through her work she is able to learn new things everyday. She is very excited about her work and the uncertainty of where it will take her next...
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